Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The image at the top of the page comes from the final scene of our Gnostic Mass video as performed at Swirling Star Lodge. The Deacon and Children are preparing to announce the closing of the Mass and will request the Congregants file out in silence.

If you click on the AGAPE TOMB PHOTO link, you will find a 1933 photograph of the Gnostic Mass Temple at Agape Lodge in Hollywood, California.

This image reinforces our position that the Priest enters the Tomb alone at the conclusion of the Mass — at least as the Mass was practiced during Crowley's lifetime and by us.

Regina Kahl and Wilfred T. Smith are the Priestess and Priest.

Agape Lodge was the world's sole functioning O.T.O. group working under Crowley's authority when that picture was taken.

We do not dispute the right of modern initiates to change the traditional methods of performing the Mass in light of their own insights.

We insist however that such revisionism be acknowledged. By way of example, we have added our own insights in To Perfect This Feast. In the interests of historical accuracy and intellectual honesty, we have pointed out in our text precisely where such changes have occurred.

(The Agape Lodge Tomb photo appears as a full-page high-resolution image in To Perfect This Feast. The reader may study it and draw what we feel are the obvious conclusions. We have also added extensive arguments to those found in the first and second editions of the book for our understanding of this aspect of the ritual.)



Love is the law, love under will.

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