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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

To Perfect This Feast

A Word on the Performance Commentary

We offer this book to O.T.O. members and others interested in the Gnostic Mass motivated by respect for the ritual written by Aleister Crowley.

We strive to adhere to the written instruction of Liber XV. Since Crowley described the Mass as the central ritual public and private of O.T.O., we are particularly anxious to see the ritual "rightly performed." We have observed several customs developing over the decades with which we disagree. Therefore we offer our own interpretation for wider distribution in hopes you will consider alternative performance options.

Reasonable people may hold different opinions, sometimes passionately. This commentary represents our best efforts to remain faithful to the text of Liber XV as we understand it; the traditions we inherited from Agape Lodge through my initiator and friend the late Caliph Hymenaeus Alpha; and our many years of practical experience with the ritual.

Our definition of legitimate is simple:

If it is not written in Crowley’s  script, we tend to reject it.

On the other hand, Liber XV is not Class A. We have made certain minor tweakings in the script to clarify certain actions. Such alterations have been carefully noted and explained in the Commentary.

We also accept the Frater Superior's right to have modified the List of Saints in the Collects.

Yet, we seek to protect the ritual from revisionism.

This commentary is designed  to be held in your hands and used during Mass practice sessions with participating Mass officers.

Any insights you are likely to receive into the Gnostic Mass

will come from your own practice.

We have created a six-part video series recording an intensive Gnostic Mass Workshop. It his available here:

Video of Mass Training Workshop