Suggested Deacon's Instructions to

Congregation Before the Mass

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Welcome to the Gnostic Mass hosted by [Name of O.T.O. Body] and performed under the auspices of the EGC. Aleister Crowley described the Gnostic Mass as the central ritual, public and private, of the O.T.O.

The Mass is a Eucharistic ritual. We ask that all present partake of a wafer of bread and a glass of either wine or juice. If you are not prepared to consume the Eucharist today, we thank you for coming and respectfully ask you to leave at this time.

During the ritual you will be asked to give certain signs.

First is the Step and Sign of a Man and Brother. The Step is given by standing with the left foot pointing forward and the right perpendicular to it. Advance first the left foot then the right.

The sign is made by opening the right hand, with the thumb at a 90° angle to the extended fingers. The thumb is drawn from left to right across the throat and then the hand dropped to the side.

The Hailing sign of a Magician is performed by raising the left arm at a right angle to the shoulder and elbow. Your hand is open and the thumb forms another right angle with your fingers. The right hand is held over the breast.

The universal position when standing is called the Dieu Garde. Stand straight with your hands held loosely and thumbs linked together.

At one point in the ritual, I will strike my breast with my fist. Please do the same.

There is also an instruction to kneel and join hands above your heads. As you kneel, please extend your hands upward, palm to palm, with elbows bent.also an instruction to kneel and join hands above your heads.*

Finally, when it is time to communicate, I will direct you all to stand and move, one at a time, to the bottom of the steps. You will be handed a Cake and Goblet and continue around back to your seat. You may consume the elements as you walk. When you have finished eating and drinking, please cross your hands over your chest and proclaim, “There is no part of me that is not of the Gods.”

Let us begin.


* This is known as the “Shin” or “Flame” position. Other groups prefer the “Chain” or “Horseshoe” technique in which all Congregants join hands with their neighbors, except the two people in front who will hold their right and left hands respectively up to the Altar. The text of Liber XV allows equally for either interpretation. What is important is that whichever method your group chooses, everyone is aware of and follows the same procedure..

Love is the law, love under will.

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