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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

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The Mass Missal PDF is a corrected Mass text that has been lightly edited by Bishops TAHUTI and MARA. We hope you will find it a valuable asset to your performance and training needs.

It has been designed to be printed at your local Kinkos (or other copy shop) in a booklet form on legal size paper, folded in half, printed both sides, staple-bound, finished size is a 7 x 8-1/2 inch, 24 page booklet .

We like to have a copy of the Missal available for each member of the Congregation. We prefer the Congregation to use the full Missal. While some feel that the Congregation reading the Missal is counterproductive, our experience in developing areas, in particular, leads us to the conclusion that the audience is best served by having full written instructions. After a time of repeated Mass attendance, the script will become secondary. However, in the beginning, it helps people to know when they are supposed to act and what they are supposed to say. We have extensive experience with the abbreviated Missal of recent popularity and find it inadequate, unless the Congregation is familiar with the ritual beforehand.

The argument against using the complete Missal is that the people will be distracted by reading along, and worse yet, distract the Mass team by turning pages while attempting to follow the script. Also that the Congregation may miss critical performance events because they are reading. While all of these objections are true, in an imperfect world one must compromise. We err on the side of having people fully aware of the Rite. We are happy for them to take their Missals home that they may further study the Mass. We also appreciate the discipline of having the folks know exactly what should be happening during the ritual. This way the Mass team is less likely to improvise or get sloppy, as performance variations will be easily detected.

Customized Missals imprinted with the name
and contact information of your local body may be ordered from:

Swirling Star
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Love is the law, love under will.

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